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6 and the vary of motion correction for a block has a rate of ±1 picture component per frame within the horizontal path and ±1 line per body within the vertical course as in the case of the movement compensation range described along side FIGS. Then, so as to appropriate the motion inside this vary for this block, sixteen predictions from x1 to x16 are essential for 9 prediction vectors from which is principally used for a stationary image within the earlier frame, , , . 3B. For instance, when the vector is used for prediction, a block to be predicted as x3, x4, x14 and x5 which is obtained by shifting sa168vip สล็อต zero image component, i.e. no movement, within the horizontal path and one line downward, e.g. a block together with a11, a12, a21 and a22 as shown in FIG. When vector (1, -1) is used for prediction, computation is carried out for x4, x12, x15 and x16. Thus sixteen prediction alerts are essential for the above-mentioned movement compensation vary. When it is the minimum, the prediction function comparator 8--8 selects and holds the prediction function provided via line 108-5b at this time as a temporary optimum prediction function, however when the outcome of judgment is "no" the comparator 8--8 holds the beforehand determined temporary optimum prediction function as it is. The temporary optimum function is at all times equipped to a prediction choice circuit 8-9 which delivers the detected optimum prediction function, that is, a motion vector onto the road 108 in accordance with a timing signal corresponding to the divisions of the blocks and supplied from the sequence 8-5 over the road 108-5b.

Where the transmission path has a high transmission pace so that it is attainable to assign a number of bits to 1 image component on a median, the movement vector info occupies solely a portion of the entirety of knowledge transmitted. However, the place the transmission speed is low, the motion vector info occupies a substantial portion of everything of data transmitted, for example, more than 50%. An instance of the movement vector info measured close to an precise image picture, is talked about in a Hirano et al paper entitled "Investigation relating to the Block Size in the movement compensated inter-frame Coding", lecture No. 697 introduced before the overall assembly of the Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers of Japan, communication part, 1980. According to this paper, the entropy of movement vector utilized as a measure of the motion vector information is about 0.1 bit/picture element the place a block constituted by a plurality of image elements has a dimension of 4 lines×8 picture parts.

The motion vector thus determined is the output from the optimum prediction detector 8. Many makes an attempt have been made to enhance the coding efficiency for photos topic to a substantive movement.

An instance of the tactic of detecting the quantity of displacement, that's, a way of figuring out an optimum prediction perform is disclosed in U.S. No. 4,307,420 entitled "Motion-compensated interframe coding system", issued Dec. 22, 1981. According to this patent, prediction errors relating to varied prediction features similar to vectors indicative of assorted actions are in contrast with one another in block items and a vector corresponding to a prediction operate that gives the minimal prediction error is deemed as a movement vector representative of an optimum prediction perform. With regard to the effect of motion compensation, it is stated that by making use of the movement correction for a moving image, the quantity of knowledge may be reduced to about one-half of the inter-frame coding system, thus attaining appreciable compression of information. An assumption is made here that the picture parts included in a block are disposed in a two-dimensional 2-by-2 array as illustrated in FIG.

This worth was obtained when the sampling frequency was eight MHz, in order that information of about 0.8M bits/sec. Was dedicated to the motion vector info alone. Accordingly, where a tv sign is transmitted at a transmission velocity of 1.5M bits/sec., the movement vector data would occupy slightly more than 50% of the entirety of knowledge transmitted. A predictive coding systems operates based on a principle that a distinction between a signal to be transmitted and a prediction signal is transmitted so as to decrease the quantity of transmission data. This invention contemplates an adaptive predictive coding system whereby a plurality of prediction features that give the prediction alerts are used and an optimum one of the prediction features is used for performing a prediction coding operation. Thus, the controller 301 receives a sign representative of the occupancy of the buffer memory 300 via a line 110, and designates the quantizer three, optimum prediction detector 8 and code compressor 7 through line 111, and designates the quantizer three, the optimum prediction detector eight, the code compressor 7 and the interpolator 302 through line 112.

Preferably, the movement vector information is coded right into a variable word size code which has the minimum code length for the inter-frame prediction. Specifically, the code size of the variable word size code is minimal for the inter-frame prediction and will increase because the norm of the movement vector will increase. In the previous, a relatively high transmission velocity was assumed so that it has been thought of that the percentage of the motion vector info is negligibly small. Consequently, it has been thought-about that an optimum prediction which minimizes the amount of everything of information transmitted may be realized by detecting a movement vector which minimizes the quantity of data representing a prediction error.

For the predictive coding system using movement compensation, the range of correction, i.e., the variety of vectors N, ought to ideally be as giant as potential and the number of image parts in a block be as small as attainable. From this viewpoint, the tactic of during which needed hardware is determined by the worth sa168vip of N and a wide range of movement compensation disadvantageously needs an elevated hardware. In distinction, the tactic of primarily uses M arithmetic units repeatedly for N instances, and the hardware requirement is nearly decided by the worth of sa168vip เข้าสู่ระบบ M. Thus, it can be seen that the strategy of is extra advantageous. The tackle of the prediction signal generator reminiscence 8-11a for writing the above-mentioned supplementary image components is ideally subsequent to the addresses for storing image parts which are essential for figuring out the optimum prediction operate for the current block, for facilitating read/write control. For this function, A1 through A8 are written following the addresses for storing x1 by way of x16 as shown in FIG. The necessary storage capacity of the prediction signal generator memory 8-11a is expressed, utilizing symbols k, L, m and n, as (2m+k)×(2n+L) for determining the optimum prediction perform of the current block, k×(2n+L) for supplementary picture parts for determining the optimum prediction function of the next block, amounting to 2(m+k)×(2n+L) in whole.